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8 Tips for Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

January 3, 2018

In today’s market, social media is a must if you are targeting to grow your business. Companies who haven’t yet started using social media need to start working on creating an online presence. Social media bring great value to companies of any size.


Through our experience, here are 8 tips that we have found useful for any company who is aiming to expand their online presence and business.



1 - Be consistent


Consistency is the first thing you need to have in mind when it comes to your posts. With any social media campaign, consistency is the key to success. Planning your posts and the frequency of posting in advance is very important. Make a plan and stick with it. This should be a few times a week, always depending on your goals.


2 - Use different social networks


Everybody has their preferred social network. This does not mean that your target audience feel that way too. If you want your social media plan to be successful, then you need to post across different social media networks.


3 - Format your content for the most effective use each platform


Using different platforms doesn’t mean you post the same thing on different sites every day. Formatting of your content for each platform is a must! You need photos for Instagram, longer posts for LinkedIn, videos and memes for Facebook and short announcements on Twitter. The posts must be different even in the case where they deliver the same message.


4 - Give more attention to the one that works best for you


Some networks will work better than other for you, depending on your business. When you find which one works best for you and your customers, then you should take advantage of the opportunity and give more attention to that network.


5 - Make sure that the content you share aligns with your brand’s identity


If you want to have a strong social media presence, getting likes and followers is essential. Be careful though, it’s not only about the numbers of responses each post gets. Delivering a post that gets a lot of attention might not do anything for your brand if you don’t make sure that the content fits with your company’s message. Everything you post or share needs to fit within your brand identity and promote what you are trying to say to the world.


6 - Some content that is important might not be popular, but it still needs to be posted


Some types of content don’t get a lot of response from people following you on social media such as testimonials, charity posts, press features and blog posts that might be important. When it comes to establishing your validity in the market, these are really important pieces of content. They might not be the type of posts that get a lot of attention, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t post them. They build a foundation for your company.


7 - Balance popularity and business


Your social media page is supposed to be professional and all about your business, but you still want to ensure that you are getting attention. In other words, you want to be popular on social media. You need to balance popularity and business. Mix the fun side that wants popularity with the professional and informative side of your business to boost your reputation.


8 - Use social media to boost all your business and marketing efforts


Social media is an affordable platform that can help with every aspect of your marketing plan. You can use social media to boost all other marketing plans your business is undertaking. Start using social media marketing now!


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